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PESAGE.COM offers all the service you hardly find in your place !

  • At every moment you can contact us by fax/E-Mail or phone until Friday 6.00 p.m. (CET+1)
  • Quick delivery : For standard products often within 24 hours
  • Service worldwide, in some place 24h/24 h.
  • Regular training of our sales stuff and our techniciens to preserve the high quality.
  • High product quality by chosen quality suppliers and not only a cheap price.
  • Company quality system (ABD-TQM)
  • Quality of installation by a sharp and precise definition of your needs and your environnement.
  • No publicity, no jam mails : You will only receive information if you cross the case in the contact form.
  • Neutral, because we are independent from big suppliers
  • Flexibility : Our products are modular and can be transformed later on.
  • Payment security : Usual payment and no credit cards or payment by Internet.
  • Take your time : This page does not sell directly : We make our proposal - you take your time and compare with other suppliers.

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